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Will Hummingbird Change SEO As We Know It?

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update

If one thing is for certain about Google’s latest search update dubbed “Hummingbird” it’s that we don’t actually know everything about it or what it changes. In fact, the new search optimizations were actually implemented a while ago and no one really noticed until Google officially announced that it exists. That’s not to say it… Read more »

The Secret to Small-Budget SEO Is Infographics

Infographic of infographics

You probably know that the best way to boost your search engine optimization is by providing unique, organic content that has naturally integrates your keywords. You’ve also probably realized that hiring a writer with SEO skills can be pricey — and rightfully so. Fortunately, infographics are another avenue for improving your SEO without the need… Read more »

Fighting Back! Controlling WordPress Spam

Controlling WordPress Spam

Bloggers have a love-hate relationship with WordPress comments. Through comments, we meet new friends and industry contacts, engage in intense discussions and build a community of loyal readers (or loyal opponents, depending on the nature of your blog!). We like the flurry of activity that comments exemplify. Getting well-thought-out new comments is addictive, and we… Read more »