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Blogging for SEO: five quick tips for beginners


This post was originally published on Search Engine Watch. A blog can still take you to the top. If you do it right. Everyone loves free information. And free information reels in customers. That’s why blogging is one of the best ways to do content marketing. How else are you going to bombard customers with… Read more »

Tips for understanding and designing optimized landing pages


This post was originally published on Search Engine Watch. There is no denying that the internet can make or break your business based on how visible it is to modern day consumers. That’s why it can’t be stressed enough just how necessary it is to build a user-friendly, attractive website that showcases everything you have… Read more »

Learn How to Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely Using SEO

Traditional advertising to Google search

For a lot of business owners, search engine optimization is an afterthought – when it’s even a thought at all. SEO is a strategy that many still don’t fully understand the value of, so they opt to go with a marketing plan using platforms that are more familiar, which generally means TV, radio and print…. Read more »

Is Your Current Web Design Driving Off Potential Redding Customers?

Graphic of multiple screens on the same website, representing responsive web design & development

It’s undeniable that in this day and age every business, no matter how big or small, needs online representation through a company website. However, as a business owner you should be aware that there are some instances where your site could actually be doing your business more harm than good. As consumers become increasingly tech… Read more »

How to Speed Up the Link-Building Process

Link Building - Fetch Experiment

Link-building has been a tried-and-true SEO strategy for years, but there are still many experts practicing this technique who aren’t aware of all the tools available to assist them in their efforts. Because the effects of the link-building process takes time to actually become visible in search engine results, it can be a struggle for… Read more »

SEO vs. SEM Timelines: A Medical Analogy

Graphic of a doctor in front of SEO charts & a bottle of pills

Marketing directors and search engine optimization (SEO) consultants are often questioned by their bosses and clients about the progress of their SEO campaigns. Most business owners don’t understand how SEO works and, quite frankly, could care less. Nonetheless, they know it’s important and just want to see results. Unless you’re ingrained into an industry or… Read more »

Index Your Content Faster With the Fetch as Google Tool

Google Speedometer

Utilizing the various functions that Google Webmaster Tools has to offer is a surefire way to help keep your website running like a well-oiled machine. Two tools our SEO team uses on a regular basis and finds to be extremely beneficial are the Crawl Errors report and Sitemap submission tool. Amongst the toolkit is the… Read more »

Expanding from Local to National SEO with Google Trends

Map with Marker

Use these tips to take advantage of the regional information that Google Trends is giving you and begin working on multiple local campaigns that will bump you into the desired national rankings you’ve been vying for.

Matt Morgan Wins the B Vet Class at the Buckhorn Enduro Race

Matt Morgan holeshot at the 2013 Buckhorn Enduro

It’s not all about web design and SEO strategies all the time for Optimize Worldwide-owner, Matt Morgan. Born and raised in beautiful Northern California, Matt is no stranger to the great outdoors and started hitting the motorcycle trails at the young age of 3. Now, when he isn’t helping local and national businesses gain more… Read more »

Optimize Worldwide Celebrates Their 2 Year Anniversary

Optimize Worldwide Team

Optimize Worldwide is celebrating its second birthday today as one of downtown Redding’s leading technology companies. We are excited to continue to grow our client base and provide excellent web design and SEO services to both local and national businesses. Launched by founder and CEO Matt Morgan, Optimize Worldwide began as a one-man show and… Read more »

7 Ways to Make Your Google Search Result Stand Out

Glitter pencil

The competition for search engine real estate is fierce. Don’t be satisfied with a Google listing that doesn’t highlight you from your competitors. Here are a few tips that should help your Google search result attract the most attention.

Shasta County Plays its Part as a Technology Game Changer

Optimize Worldwide Team at the 2013 Game Changers Luncheon

Shasta County’s Economic Development Corporation is out in full force to ensure that our region isn’t left behind in this technologically-advancing world. Highlighting established and newly developing businesses in Redding and its surrounding areas, the EDC held a Gamer Changers innovation event this past Friday to show just how the Northstate is playing a major… Read more »

How to Find Free Images With Google’s Advanced Image Search

Google images collage

There are several benefits to complementing your blog posts with a little visual appeal, but photos must make sense and not infringe on any copyrights. Follow these simple steps to find royalty free images using the Google Images advanced search.

Don’t Run the Risk of Losing Your WordPress Website Content

Willy Wonka Meme | WordPress Backup Service

Take Advantage of Our Backup & Security Service After all of the hard work, time and effort that has been put into your website, how would you feel if suddenly one day you realize it’s been compromised by a hacker, or even worse, all of your data is simply gone? There’s no doubt it is… Read more »

3 SEO Methods to Repurpose Great Content

Republish Guest Blogs

Want to get more out of the amazing content you publish online? Of course you do! Writing guest blogs takes a lot of time to research the topic, write engaging content, provide images, and pitch to quality websites. My SEO team and I utilize a few different methods to repurpose our content creation efforts by reposting our external publications on our own blog.