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SEO Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Blog

SEO Blogging Tips

Why do SEO mistakes destroy a blog? This is because once a blog stops’ receiving good numbers of traffic, the user tends to give up trying and the blog is left to fester until the domain is re-taken by the host. When web traffic starts to trickle instead of flow, it is good practice to… Read more »

How to Create Unique & Quality Content While Link-building

Link-building with Quality Content

Link-building is one of the primary techniques being employed by webmasters as part of search engine optimization efforts. Webmasters engage in link building efforts in order to increase the publicity of a newly developed website and to drive visitors to the website from other popular websites. Link building strategies are a vital part of search… Read more »

15 Effective Emotional Triggers To Write Great Web Copy

Emotional Triggers To Write Great Web Copy

When you use emotional triggers in your web copy, you succeed in evoking feelings which helps you to move your audience to the desired action. Make your web copy stand out among others by directly appealing to people’s feelings. Web copy is effective when it focuses on what readers want, rather than try to create… Read more »

The Great Copywriting and SEO Keyword Debate

Artful masterpiece

Which is better? Great copywriting that tells a story or well-executed search engine optimization using carefully selected keywords? Answer: Both Artful content creators like to experiment with timbre and tone as we swish our magic keyboard keys and maneuver sentences into brands with personality and flair. (I say we because I live in this camp.)… Read more »