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Do I Need an SEO Program?

Do I Need an SEO Program

I don’t know… Do you? : ) An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Program would be used for people that consistently want to be found on the internet. If you want to be found online then yes you need an SEO Program. How large of a program greatly depends on how competitive your industry is. If… Read more »

Why Should I Hire Optimize Worldwide to Build My Website?

Shady Web Developer

Any answer we give might sound like a shameless promotion : ) So instead we would rather answer How do I find a reliable, competent, honest web developer? There are a lot of shady web developers out there. And we mean a lot! If somebody is offering to do a $500 job for $100 then… Read more »

Why Should I Hire Optimize Worldwide as My SEO Company?

Quality SEO Services

Instead of tooting our own horn we’d rather rephrase the question : ) How do I find a quality SEO company? The first thing you should do is search for search engine optimization services in your local area or industry. If the company that you are looking into doesn’t come up in the search… why… Read more »

What is On-Page SEO Optimization?

On Page Optimization

Fixing All the Little Mistakes : ( On page optimization is when a web developer combs your site for out dated formatting and makes the necessary changes. We have dealt with many businesses that have an SEO company sending them emails once a week telling them to change their meta keywords and descriptions. Of course… Read more »

Do I Have to Host My Website with Optimize Worldwide?

Reliable Website Hosting

No, of course not! Hosting is just another service that we offer. Of course we like it when our clients choose to host their websites with us, but it is not a requirement. We can work with any hosting provider. We like it when you do host with us for a few reason though. We… Read more »

How Long Will it Take for Optimize Worldwide to Complete My Site?

Fast Websites

The time frame it takes for a site to be completed varies on the project. When the project is set up there is a completion date that you agree upon. Your site will be done by that date. If we have to stay up all night and work for free your site WILL be done…. Read more »

Couldn’t I Just Build My Own Website With WordPress?

Build Your Own Wordpress Website

Yes you could, but you might not want to. WordPress is an amazing platform for creating websites. It’s easy to configure and there are tons of free and inexpensive plugins and themes that make it easy to add style and easy to add functionality. The problem here is that when people say that it’s easy… Read more »