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6 Reasons Why Nobody’s Clicking on Your Ad

Computer keyboard and mouse pointer with don't sign

An ad is only as good as its ability to get customers to your website—or door. When you’ve spent hours creating an ad, it’s disheartening when all you get is a flatline. If that’s happening, your ad may need some resuscitation. Check it for the following signs of ebbing life. There’s no call to action…. Read more »

Graphic Designers Can Build—Or Kill—Your Redding Business


Have you ever seen a website that made you cringe? Yoyo headlines, squashed images, blobs of text, comic sans font, fluorescent colors, or web pages 10 yards long—these are business-killing, graphic design fiascos. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. With the lion’s share of business marketing happening online, it becomes imperative that the graphic designers… Read more »

The Secret to Small-Budget SEO Is Infographics

Infographic of infographics

You probably know that the best way to boost your search engine optimization is by providing unique, organic content that has naturally integrates your keywords. You’ve also probably realized that hiring a writer with SEO skills can be pricey — and rightfully so. Fortunately, infographics are another avenue for improving your SEO without the need… Read more »