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4 Essential Marketing Tools for Your Business

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It’s one thing to develop your product line; it’s another to get the word out about it. But if you want to make sales, you have no choice. Fortunately, the internet has made marketing easier than ever for business owners. It’s also opened up many more avenues in which your products can be marketed. Here… Read more »

Understanding WordPress Security Service and Why it’s a Necessity


Have you found yourself wondering lately what website security services involve and if you’re missing out on something your WordPress site needs? You’ve probably heard about it from other business owners, come across articles about it on the Internet and maybe even received emails about it urgently explaining that your site could be at risk,… Read more »

No One is Safe From Hackers: Why You Need WordPress Security Now

Photo of a large man wearing a shirt saying "Security" in front of the WordPress logo

Internet security breaches are constantly being developed, often right under our noses, by hackers who know how to cause major chaos and disruption by taking advantage of website vulnerabilities. Yet, there are still plenty of website owners that don’t take the importance of security seriously enough. People mistakenly believe cyber crime just won’t affect them,… Read more »

Expanding from Local to National SEO with Google Trends

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Use these tips to take advantage of the regional information that Google Trends is giving you and begin working on multiple local campaigns that will bump you into the desired national rankings you’ve been vying for.

Web hosting companies: Things to avoid

Beware of Free Hosting

When purchasing web hosting you’d be forgiven for thinking that the higher the bandwidth that they offer for the cheapest price, the better the deal. In fact there are lots more things that you should look out for, and this article will explain in detail what you need to avoid. Web hosting is an investment,… Read more »

Don’t Run the Risk of Losing Your WordPress Website Content

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Take Advantage of Our Backup & Security Service After all of the hard work, time and effort that has been put into your website, how would you feel if suddenly one day you realize it’s been compromised by a hacker, or even worse, all of your data is simply gone? There’s no doubt it is… Read more »

How to Set Up a Custom Report in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Metric Groups

Google Analytics is probably the best and most widely used tool for tracking website visitors (organically, through referral and even PPC traffic) and measuring their actions. Custom reporting is great when you need to hone in on a particular area. The benefit of this is it saves you time in repeatedly searching for what you… Read more »

Strengthening Your Backup and Security For WordPress

WordPress Security & Backup Service by Optimize Worldwide

WordPress has become one of the most preferred and popular content management systems used by the multitude of people who are plunging into the cyber world each day and creating their own blogs or taking their businesses to the next level with a top-notch website. In no time at all, a brand new, customizable and… Read more »

Why Your Company Needs a WordPress Backup Solution

Cloud Backup Service for WordPress

Nowadays, the majority of businesses have active websites. Many of these websites are imperative to the business’s functions and an essential part of the revenue process. Simply put, you cannot afford for your company website to be offline for any significant amount of time. If you think you’re safe, think again. If a billion dollar… Read more »

A quick review of NimbleCRM

Nimble social media CRM

This morning I was pounding away at some code when a good friend and business partner, Joey Gartin, asked that I join him on Google Talk for a quick chat. We discussed the usual techie stuff and new plug-ins for WordPress, and then he fired off a link to me: He asked if I had… Read more »