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Travis Ford | Owner & Inventor | Earth Motorsport

I gave Matt Morgan, CEO of Optimize Worldwide, a piece of paper with an idea scribbled on it. Today, I am having the time of my life, running a multinational business from a computer at home. Thanks to my company website,, a piece of paper with an idea scribbled on it, and Matt Morgan.

More than a computer expert, Matt is a business professional. From start to finish he was in contact with me. Any questions or changes I had were taken care of immediately. There was great synergy working with Matt and his business associates. Things always got taken care of quickly and the quality was never in doubt. Whenever I needed something outside of Matt’s area of expertise, like logo design or video editing, he would take care of it. is now an engine of growth. It can be found listed at the top of a Google search, generating sales and traffic by itself. All I have to do is check my email for requests and fill orders. It’s that easy, because I trust Optimize Worldwide to take care of the rest. Got mail?

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