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It has been a big burden lifted off of me to have my website created to the standard that Matt has at Optimize Worldwide. For me it was agonizing and time-consuming to get just to get the basics for web publication that I know. I am glad for Matt’s expert knowledge in the website and SEO industry so I don’t have to know it. By having Optimize Worldwide as my dependable resource for web presence, SEO and search visibility, I have been freed from having to tackle those things on my own and re-inventing the wheel. I am able to concentrate on developing my business, delivering excellent service to my clients and keep my skills sharp in the computer information technology world. I have had a natural skepticism when it comes to web guys because I have met a lot of them who over promise and under-deliver. I have met some who can sell, but lack the knowledge of industry and programming skill. I have seen a lot of web guys disappear of the face of the map or stop returning calls. Matt delivers, has the current industry knowledge and programming skill that I know are genuine. I appreciate the Matt does business as a businessperson as well; as you know, not many people who have the skill also have the character necessary to run a business that other businesses depend upon too. Whenever I need to ask Matt a question he always responds quickly and earnestly. I see that kind of integrity as a huge asset. I know that the review is kind of long; but if you’re like me, I do my homework first and research someone before I make a decision to bring my business to them. I have no reservations about recommending Matt as the right person for the job every time someone asks me who to go to for SEO or web design consultation.

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