Animated Video Production

The team at Optimize Worldwide provides high-ranking web designs and proven online marketing strategies that work together to give both local and national business owners a comprehensive program that will help them meet their online goals. Though a mobile-friendly website, SEO, social media and banner advertising are all essential aspects to include in your campaign, if you want the most online exposure you can possibly receive, it’s also a good idea to consider investing in a visual representation of the products and/or services your company has to offer.

Animated Videos for Better Rankings

Our animated video production service, complete with voice-over, is designed to give clients that additional boost they need to get noticed by consumers. No matter what industry you happen to be in, visually telling the story of your business through illustrated video is a sure-fire way to set your business apart from the competition. With all production taking place in-house, we are able to help you cost-effectively showcase your offerings in an impressive manner.

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In addition to being a source of information that tells more about your company, there are many ways an animated video can enhance your online marketing efforts. It’s no secret that videos are well-received by the general population on almost any platform, and because of this, they are a powerful way to expand customer reach, increase the amount of relevant traffic you get to your website from search results, give visitors a reason to stay on your site longer, maintain brand awareness, encourage social media engagement and sharing and give your business a sense of personalization that your competitor doesn’t have.

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