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Curriculum Technology, Inc.

Curriculum Technology, Inc. provides tools for teachers to manage their classrooms better and to get feedback on what their students are learning. We had worked with a previous division of the company, so their staff was already familiar with our web design team and came to us for help creating a face for the new company they were forming. They needed a website to showcase their products in an informative and appealing manner on a platform that represented their company and provided an interface for customers to purchase both the digital and print versions of their products.

With this direction we were able to deliver a website to them that did these things in a modern, elegant design. Through the use of stark blue, white, and black coloring, along with vector graphics, we presented their company as professional yet playful enough to suitably fit in a classroom environment. Users can buy products, learn about the company, and of course, easily access the site on mobile or desktop devices.

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