Electrical, Appliance, and Component Products Website Design



Bullert Industrial Electric, Inc.

Bullert Industrial Electric is a newer company, located in Anderson, California, that provides electrical construction services to industrial clients. They were looking for a cutting-edge web design that reflected their professionalism, expertise, and 85 years of combined experience. Optimize stylized their website with an image-rich design and short, descriptive content that showcased their services. Bullert supplied the content for their projects portfolio and Optimize supplied the rest.

Since Bullert already has a lineup of glowing testimonials from clients, they asked for a testimonials section. Optimize created a slider that showed the testimonials in large, readable print against an animated background image of ocean waves. Optimize also made the website mobile responsive so that any users accessing it from a mobile device could experience its ease of use and readability.

Project URL: http://bullertindustrial.com/ Industry: Electrical, Appliance, and Component Products Type of Website: WordPress, PHP, Responsive Geotargeted SEO: Local Website Size: 15+ Pages