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Sharp Electric

Sharp Electric is an electrical contracting company serving the Redding and Weaverville, California, areas. Sharp Electric wanted a simple, yet professional, website showcasing their work and services. Since their service vans are white with red and black lettering, they wanted a color scheme for their site that would coincide. We gave their site a white background with black headers and footers.

Sharp Electric had photos of their work, but no content. We placed their photos throughout the site and created a large page-wide section on the home page that showcases their gallery of projects. We also created content for them based on the information they provided. To encourage calls to action, we placed their phone numbers in large fonts on the header of every page. Sharp Electric’s site may be simple, but it’s informative and mobile responsive.

Project URL: Industry: Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors Type of Website: Managed WordPress, PHP, Responsive Geotargeted SEO: Local Website Size: 10+ Pages