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Law Office of Mark H. Cibula was previously an out-of-date website that Optimize Worldwide had been helping to maintain for several years. Finally, the time came for Mark Cibula's law office to review the site and the former website service they were using, which resulted in a decision to utilize our team's skills to build a new web presence.

We migrated his unique content from the former site and created a new design that would represent his long history as a Redding lawyer well on the Internet. The final design uses outstanding serif headlines to provide a sense of gravitas, paired with serif copy for easy reading. Mr. Cibula works out of a downtown Redding office, so we wanted to emphasize the classic feel with enough modernity to be accessible.

The website showcases Mark's professional career and has plenty of content detailing his areas of practice for high search engine visibility and to give potential clients a greater understanding of the range of his litigation. The site further serves the firm's business goals by including a prominent phone number and contact forms.

Project URL: Industry: Lawyers Type of Website: Wordpress, PHP Geotargeted SEO: Local Website Size: 10+